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Hello and welcome to the beginning of the Godstones Saga!

This is Godstones Genesis and is meant to be a prequel to the main Godstones project (keep an eye out for that).

Only Chapter 1 is completed so far (it's about 2 - 3 hours of gameplay) and everyone is invited to play and enjoy it!

What is Godstones Genesis?
It is a Jrpg, that draws inspirations from all the classics such as Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire etc. It is made with Rpg Maker MV by me (Ted Latas)!

In the game you assume the role of Aeon who is travelling to the capital, guided by his recurring dream of defeating the "Warlord". Not knowing what expect, the trip takes a sudden turn when his ship sinks and is washed ashore in the desert city of Saitis.
With the help of the second survivor Enros, he must find a way to travel to the capital, and join forces with other adventurers along the way, so he can finally fullfill his supposed destiny.
All this in a young world, before technology and machines, pulsing with magic.

The game adopts a non-linear approach, except for a main objective, and rewards exploration vs grind.
You can choose classes for most characters that fit better to your playstyle.
The classes are Gladiator, Defender and Swashbuckler for melee and Elementalist, Mystic for mages.
Like everything in the game you must first search for it, so keep your eyes open!

As I said before, this is Chapter 1 only. Keep your eye open for when the 2nd Chapter is done!

One last thing! Godstones Genesis needs your help! Please post your feedback(with bugs!) and all ideas about any mini quests or improvements you might come up with!
I aim for the best (that are also doable) to be included in the final game, along with proper credit and npc named after you (a name that's fitting please!)

Credits for plugins go to:
Yanfly, Julian 'Szyu' Heinen, Rexal, Yoji Ojima


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